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#keep safe shopping Terms Of Use


You can access and use the site only when you accept to abide by the terms and conditions specified by the website as per content and law. Your visit or usage of the site will demonstrate that you have read and agreed to all the terms imposed by the website and you are supposed to follow them, and if you did something offensive or out of the terms you’ll have to face the consequences defined by the law on breaking up the terms of the website.


Anyone can access this site but some of the sections of the site may require registration and be accessible to the registered customers only. While making registration with the website you are requested to keep your login information with you only and not share or leak them in order to keep your privacy safe otherwise, you’ll be the only one responsible for any kind of loss.

Use of the site:

Your exposure, access and use of the site is completely your decision and no one can or forced you to do so. You can choose whether to use the website or not , the same way you can choose whether to get registered with it or not.


You can contact with the customer services branch at:

Restricted behavior:

You are bound to respect the terms and conditions and the customer services branch, and any third parties associated with the brand. You are prohibited to share the content and information of the website in violation of the terms. Whatever you upload or email is your voluntary behavior and the website will not be responsible for any such action.